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Concert Weekend!

Next weekend – Saturday evening November 15th and Sunday afternoon November 16th, sees the opening concert of the Symphony of the Redwoods season. As usual, the concerts will be held at Cotton Auditorium in Fort Bragg.

Now is the time to buy your season ticket for the 2014 – 2015 season. Season tickets are a great way to go – not only does it give the symphony a predictable amount of ticket income, it also is a good incentive to get yourself to the concerts, which you probably intend to do anyway! Human nature being what it is, we sometimes just simply forget to do the things we know will make us feel better – uplifted – inspired. When we’ve paid money upfront, we’re more likely to do it!

And besides, a season ticket gives you a little break on the price. A regular season ticket for all 3 symphony concerts is $55, a senior one is $50. AND don’t forget – 18 year olds and under always get in FREE. What a great way to have a family outing without breaking the bank!

Remember, buying a season ticket now gives you much better value, (it’s not going to help you to buy it for the next concert!) but of course if you just want to buy a ticket for this one concert of unforgettable, singable melodies, then you can do that. Tickets cost $20 each – 18’s and under are free.

You can buy tickets online at http://www.SymphonyOfTheRedwoods.org or you can call the office on 964-0898, or you can drop in at Harvest Market, and Tangents in Fort Bragg or Out of This World and Sea Cottage Real Estate in Mendocino. And of course, you can buy tickets at the door.

So – Saturday evening 8pm, November 15th

Sunday afternoon 2pm, November 16th


One comment on “Concert Weekend!

  1. Tangents in Fort Bragg and Sea Cottage Real Estate in Mendocino no longer sell tickets for SoR, but you can get them in Fort Bragg now at Harvest and at Fiddles & Cameras.


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