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There’s an impressive line-up of talent for the upcoming Holiday Musical Revue on Dec 20th – including the much-loved Acafellas!

The Acafellas emerged from the bass and tenor sections of the Redwood Community Chorus about ten years ago.  Carolyn Steinbuck, director of the Chorus at the time, featured the group in the Chorus’ concerts, and they discovered that audiences love hearing guys they know from other contexts making a cappella music together.  The Acafellas started out singing classical and folk music, and have branched into gospel, jazz standards, R&B and doo wop.  Some of their arrangements are published, but several have been created or customized by members of the group.  They have produced two CDs, Live at the Mendocino Music Festival and Albion Sessions.

According to member Jason Kirkman, “we’ve been rehearsing this material since October, and it’s a little disorienting to sing Christmas music before Halloween.  We don’t seem to have much interest in singing straight arrangements of beloved holiday music.  This year we’re singing one very obscure gospel number and a couple of eccentric arrangements of holiday

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