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Symphony rehearsals

The migratory violist has made the spring journey back to the Mendocino Coast! I arrived on Monday night, complete with the usual amount of jetlag – and gratitude for arriving in one piece! On Friday night I was down at Mendocino High School band room, for the second weekend of rehearsals for the final concert of the Symphony season. It was great to see all my orchestra friends again – including a couple of new faces who I hope to introduce you to next time. For three hours on Friday night and again on Saturday morning we worked hard at the Hebrides Overture and the suite from Swan Lake, with a brief visit to the Grieg Piano Concerto. Since the solo pianist doesn’t join us till the weekend of the concerts, most of the rehearsing of that piece will be done next time.

Hard work, but very rewarding to hear the music gradually emerge from the thicket of notes on the page. We all know which bits need practicing at home – and we’ve got a couple of weeks to do that before the final weekend of rehearsals and concerts.

This is going to be a fabulous concert – three wonderful pieces, true classics and very accessible for an audience.


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