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Humboldt State Music Student Given Opportunity to Perform with Symphony

craig 2

Every season, the Symphony offers a limited amount of spaces for guest performers, with a chance to sit among the ranks of our talented local musicians. In this past set of performances, one seat was offered to Humboldt State junior and trombonist, Craig H. Craig has been studying music for over a decade, and after initially pursuing a degree in forestry, he decided to follow his true passion.

How long have you been studying trombone? Do you play any other instruments?

I’ve been playing the trombone for 12 years. In the fourth grade I showed up late for the first day of band, and the only instruments left were a flute and a trombone. I chose a trombone. I taught myself how to play guitar and euphonium in high school, but I primarily stick with trombone now.

Who is your favorite composer? What is your favorite piece?

There are so many great composers, it’s hard to pin down which is my favorite! I did just finish a research paper on Jean Sibelius, so I’ve been listening to a lot of his music lately. My favorite piece of his now is Kullervo, a large scale symphony with solo voices and choir, in the same vein as Beethoven’s 9th and Wagner. It’s an epic piece of music!

How was your experience performing with the Symphony?

I loved playing with Symphony of the Redwoods! The combination of the pieces we performed, the high caliber of musicianship, and the welcoming attitude of everyone involved was my favorite part. Everyone is just so nice!


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