Symphony of the Redwoods Season Opening Concert Highlights Soloist with Astonishing Family Background


Russian-American violinist Yevgeny Kutik will make his Mendocino County debut with the Symphony of the Redwoods on Saturday, November 14 and Sunday, November 15. These two performances celebrate the beginning of the Symphony’s 33rd year and their 2015-2016 concert season. The program includes Borodin’s Overture to Prince Igor, Beethoven’s Symphony #4 in B-flat Major, and Bruch’s Violin Concerto #1 in G minor, with Kutik as the featured soloist.

A violinist for almost 25 years, Kutik has been performing this particular composition from a young age. “Bruch’s Violin Concerto is one of the first things you study and perform as a music student,” he explained. “It combines the most intriguing musical elements into a succinct piece that is truly exciting to play.”

Born to Jewish parents, both also musically inclined, in Belarus, Kutik has been surrounded by music since day one. In 1999, at age five, Kutik and the rest of his family emigrated from Minsk to western Massachusetts. “My parents didn’t want to raise us in the Soviet Union with it in that state. We left as refugees… it was definitely a journey,” he said. “We had to start from scratch once we reached America.” Kutik attributes his family’s success to two non-profits, the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society and the Jewish Federation of North America. He strives to raise awareness and promote assistance for refugees from around the world.


See the Symphony of the Redwoods and Yevgeny Kutik on Saturday, November 14 at 8pm, and Sunday, November 15 at 2pm. All concerts will be at Cotton Auditorium, 500 N. Harold Street, Fort Bragg. Tickets are $20, and attendees 18 and under are always free. For more information visit symphonyoftheredwoods.org and yevgenykutik.com.


4 comments on “Symphony of the Redwoods Season Opening Concert Highlights Soloist with Astonishing Family Background

  1. I think it’s our 33rd year, Adara. The year before I joined the Symphony, 2012-2013 was the 30th anniversary & now, here we are 3 years later!

    33 is such a magical number! And we’ve plenty of musical magic coming up this year.

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  3. […] their closing piece, the Symphony was joined by featured soloist Yevgeny Kutik, who performed Bruch’s Violin Concerto #1 in g minor completely from memory. “He also rehearsed […]


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