Researchers Test Animal Reactions to Classical and ‘Species-Specific’ Music

Every mammal, including humans, processes music differently. Each species typically gravitates towards music that falls within their vocal range and prefers tempos that mimic their natural heartbeat. Primates David Teie, cellist for the National Symphony Orchestra, has been experimenting with ‘animal-specific’ music since 2009. He began his animal studies with tamarins, monkeys that communicate three […]

Symphony Members Recover After Close Calls with Recent Lake County Fires

Although the cooler weather has helped tame the flames, the fires in Lake County continue to burn. The Rocky Fire is reported to be 100 percent contained, and firefighters are currently in the process of extinguishing the Jerusalem Fire. The catastrophe has affected hundreds of households, including some belonging to Symphony of the Redwoods members. […]

Navarro River String Camp Creates Environment for Musical Enjoyment and Learning

The waiting list for the Navarro River String Camp summer session (August 10-14) is still open! This bi-annual chamber music camp based in the redwood forests of northern California is “…for beginning and intermediate adult string players to gain ensemble experience.” Symphony of the Redwoods co-founder and board member, Marcia Sloane, along with Marion Crombie, created […]